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8 Areas of the Body You Can Have Liposuction On

While liposuction is not a way to lose weight, it is a great way to sculpt and slim certain parts of your body. If you are at your ideal weight and follow a reasonable exercise and diet regime, but can’t seem to get rid of localized pockets of fat, liposuction is for you. There is no doubt that the procedure will boost your confidence and have you fitting perfectly into those power suites so you win the board over every time.

Lipo Procedure Graphic

Areas of the Body Ideal for Liposuction

  1. Double Chin

A double chin is that excess fat that causes a fold and makes it look as though you have two chins. This can be a little unsightly when you’re on the phone, or even during a Skype conference call. However, a double chin can be improved with liposuction.

  1. The Buffalo Hump

This refers to the abnormal deposit of fat in the upper neck and back. It is usually the result of your body’s overproduction of certain steroids but can also be the result of obesity. Liposuction can remove some of the fat deposits in this area.

  1. Bat Wings

Flabby arms putting you off wearing pretty strapless tops to work? Consider liposuction!

  1. Bra Fat

Bra fat is the excess fat in your back or those fat rolls that fall over your bra strap. This could put you off buying nicer shirts for work and leave you wearing baggy and unflattering choices. Sometimes wearing a better fitting bra can help, but liposuction is excellent for removing this excess fat.

  1. The Stomach

The abdomen can have an excess layer of fat that is resistant to exercise and diet. If your stomach is apple shaped, round, and hard, you may have intra-abdominal fat that can be removed via liposuction and get you back into those tailored shirts or trousers.

Stomach liposuction results

  1. The Belly Pouch

Sometimes the excess fat doesn’t involve the entire stomach. The belly pouch is the pocket of fat that is localized around the lower body. This is different to a potbelly which is caused by excess weight. The belly pouch typically occurs in people who are of normal weight but happen to accumulate fat in the area.

  1. Love Handles

Would you love to don a gorgeous pinstripe skirt or ditch the baggy pants that hide your love handles? Liposuction can help. Love handles refer to the fat on either side of the stomach that extends onto the back. Exercise and diet alone don’t usually remove this area of fat.

  1. The Muffin Top

This term was coined because the love handles spill over waistbands and look similar to the top of a muffin. Men refer to the area as muffin tops whereas women refer to it as love handles. Either way, liposuction can help get rid of stubborn fat deposits and get you back into those fitted trouser suits and skirts in no time at all!

Liposuction before and after images


Their are many different areas you can use liposuction to have quickly get rid of excess fat. Although this is never the best option, and a well structured fitness regime in tune with the right sugar free diet will produce better, longer lasting results regarding your health. This is a quick fix option that thousands of Australians take advantage of every year.

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How You Should Select Your Professional Tattoo Removal Provider

Have you decided it’s finally time to get rid of that pesky tattoo you got during a bout of temporary insanity?  Good on you, now all you need to do is find a reliable certified tattoo removal provider. Even though tattoo removal seems a fairly straightforward procedure, it is important to turn to a professional laser removal specialist to ensure that everything will go smoothly. Here are some useful tips to help you with your selection.

Full Tattoo Removal Perth

  1. Do your research.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it pays off to do a thorough research in advance. Specialized websites and social media are a good place to start, but don’t stop there. Ask your friends and friends of friends whether they underwent similar procedures. Also, do your reading on laser tattoo removal, potential health risks and the different types of lasers involved, so you can make an informed decision.

  1. Browse through options.

Don’t be shy about getting in touch with several prospective tattoo removal places and even schedule a consultation, to get a sense of your options. Once you’ve set up a consultation with a tattoo removal specialist, don’t hesitate to ask detailed questions concerning your particular situation and potential risk factors. Be sure to ask for “before” and “after” photos showing the success of the treatment on clients with similar tattoos and skin tone.

  1. Check your expectations. 

Having said that, bear in mind that the success rate of a tattoo removal job is correlated to several factors. Depending on skin tone and the type of ink used, some tattoos can only be removed partially, leaving behind a ghost image and permanent scarring. In such cases, you might consider a cover-up tattoo, as an alternative. Once the laser treatment specialist does a thorough examination of your tattoo and is acquainted with your particular situation, he/she can make a fairly reliable assessment of your success rate and advise you on the best way to proceed.

  1. Don’t trust *wonder cure* providers.

roadfunner tattoo removal before and afterFollowing the initial consult, the tattoo removal specialist can also give you an estimate of the average number of sessions you will need and recommend a treatment plan. Be wary of a tattoo removal provider who gives you an estimate below 10 laser treatment sessions, as this tends to be the bare minimum. Scheduling you for sessions too tightly packed together should also be a red flag. Most clients need an average waiting time of 4 to 6 weeks between treatments, though in some cases it might be even more. A lower waiting time will increase the risk of potential side effects, which range from mild irritation to skin burns or open wounds.

It is important to take all of the above into consideration while browsing through potential tattoo removal providers. The more so as, we cannot stress this enough, tattoo removal treatment takes time and it’s best to embark on this long-term journey with a guide you can trust.